Communion in the Hand — An Early Church Practice?


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23 responses to “Communion in the Hand — An Early Church Practice?

  1. I knew it!!! I have been concerned about this practice for years now and I don’t know why this is still allowed. I’ve seen two communicants (in separate Masses) not eating the Host after receiving it by the hand, and bringing it somewhere else. My nephews, also, they saw someone who pretended to eat the Host but in truth that person only hid it between her palm, and this all happened in the same parish! I reported the incidents to my confessor but he said there’s nothing we can do about it. Ugh, it’s so frustrating! What can we laity do about this sacrilege?

    • Write the Bishop. It’s unbelievable how sacrilege is so accepted today. That is why I only attend a Latin Mass these days. Not that I think the Novus Ordo is invalid, it is valid, but I can’t witness the open sacrilege any longer. Sacrilege is a HORRIBLE sin!

    • The laity can help with this. My godmother, who’s a very holy woman, caught some teenagers who had not eaten the Host and sitting in the back of the Church mocking it. She marched back there, held her hand out, and said, very clearly, “Give Him back.” They did, and slunk off.

    • Educate everyone you know!!! 🙂

  2. denise tomlinson

    I never get Communion in hand always on my tongue and holding hands during the Our Father is also incorrect!

  3. I was born and raised a Catholic, I wondered off on a spiritual quest just around the time Vatican II kicked in, (spinning altars, English liturgy, and the obligatory hand shaking) I have come home after thirty plus years. I am so sorry to have been away and I love the Catholic church, but do I love the evolution? Nope! It’s appalling. The goofy hands in the air, the kumbaya peace circles, and the watered down liturgy! One priest (actually an Episcopal minister? married, what’s up with that?) uses the amen song from “Sister Act” after he prepares the communion… I call him Father Whoopie Goldberg in my head. He is so disrespectful to use that silly song. I am waiting for a rebirth of wonder, the glorious days to return, in the mean time, I pray the rosary, pray the Divine Mercy prayer, take in mass twice a day and ask Mary’s intercession on my behalf for leaving the church that traces it roots to ST.Peter!

  4. I used to receive in the hand and now I only receive on the tongue and kneeling where possible!

  5. Linda

    Honestly, I find it more offensive that a majority of Catholics don’t believe in the true presence.

  6. Linda

    I’m a color within the lines, not outside the box when it comes to my beautiful Catholic faith. Someone keeps messing with what works!

  7. Excellent summary. Many of us never receive in the hand now. And, the Church I attended this morning makes the announcement at the TLM that it is simply not allowed there. Bring back the Communion rails and the Latin Mass, imo

  8. I’ve confused a couple of EM’s by receiving on the tongue. The one person who’s ever said anything to me about it? A PRIEST. A visiting priest just stared at me and put the Host in my hand. After Mass, he told me he hates Communion on the tongue because he thought it spread disease, and believed it led to the death of his mother!

    • That is such a pathetic excuse. Next time drop to your knees and stick out your tongue. HE HAS TO ALLOW YOU TO RECEIVE ON THE TONGUE. If you doesn’t give you Our Lord, I would stay there on my knees until Mass has ended. I know someone who did this once. It is your RIGHT to receive that way. And the priest has NO RIGHT to refuse you. Pax Tecum. +

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